Dare Adeleke is a Bonafide Son of the Soil: IYSM Replies PDP Group and Olopoenia

The Ibadan Solidarity Youth Movement ( ISYM) has blasted the PDP Like Minds over statements credited to it insinuating that Ambassador Taofeeq Arapaja’s victory was not fairly deserved.
The PDP Like Minds had also descended on Oyo PDP Chieftain, Dare Adeleke, who is also Chairman of the Oyo Pacesetters’ Company.
What drew the ire of PDP Like Mines against Adeleke was the latter’s statement condemning the mockery of Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, by Isaac Fayose, younger brother of former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose.
Adeleke had stated that Isaac Fayose’s video congratulating the Governor of Ondo State on the controversial Court of Appeal victory, and at the same time mocking Seyi Makinde, validated his position that Ayo Fayose worked for the opposition APC against his own party at the gubernatorial elections.

The IYSM in it’s response to PDP Like Minds, said the PDP group is a bleak, opaque, Faceless and worthless entity.

The Statement Reads:

“We the Ibadan Solidary Youth Movement also known as ISYM, will not sit with our arms folded and allow strangers come into our land to drag our foremost citizens on the social media.
We know who is behind the faceless, bleak, oblique, opaque, vacuous and intellectually bereft group called Oyo Like Minds.
This is one person who is like a fowl tied with a string in Ayo Fayose’s control. Anytime Fayose needs him, all he has to do is throw a few seeds of corn. The fowl gobbles it and with it’s appendix full to bursting, begins to regurgitate bile.
Ordinarily, we would not go personal or rub ourselves in the mud with pigs but when matters of politics degenerate to personal levels, we will also go to that level.

The bitterness and untruths emanating from the so called PDP Like Minds, is the handiwork of
Alhaji Bisi Olopoenia.

Besides the fact that the statements he spews are bereft or any form of brilliance and filled with hateful venom is also the fact that Olopoena is a liar from the pit of hell. He would weave any kind of tale, however stupid, when Fayose clicks his fingers and throws a few corn his way.
The PDP Like Mind’s hate-filled statement signed by a faceless individual falsely and ignorantly claimed that Honourable Dare Adeleke was not bearing his father’s name. How preposterous!
Indeed, the public must know today that it is Olopoena who has denied his own father simply because of bread crumbs. Alhaji Olopoena sir, are you from Ibadan that you claim?
We put it to you today, lest you have forgotten that you are an Ilesha man. Deny it, swear by your ancestors and die.
It is Olopoenia who is the stranger among us.
Let us look at Adeleke’s family tree so the world can see the shameless liar you and your scallywag PDP Like Minds really are.

Honourable Dare Adeleke’s father, the Late Barrister Adediran Adeleke, originally hailed from Ile Bedie ku, Oke Dada and migrated to Bode Ile Odonigi, Isale Bode Saka pena.

Late Barrister Adediran Adeleke, Dare Adeleke’s father

His paternal grandfather was the Bale of Onidajo ward 5, Oluyole local Government.
If indeed Olopoenia is from Ibadan as he claims, he would be aware that Adeleke is one of those fortunate people lucky to have same surname from both sides. Let’s further educate this scamp in our midst called Olopoena.

Alhaji Olopoena, know today that, Adeleke’s maternal grand father, Late Alhaji Mustapha Adeleke is also from Oke Dada.

Therefore Dare Adeleke is a Prince from the two sides of the coin.

Adeleke’s Late father was contemporary of the Late Lere Adigun, Baba Sahara, while Late justice Emmanuel Fakayode was his direct uncle.

It should be stressed and etched in the minds of all men and women that Dare Adeleke is a bonafide son of the soil and a great Prince of Ibadan and like the Ibadan warriors of old, is not afraid to take on Ayo Fayose, the riotuious thug of Ekiti land.
Now let us come to the matter of the last election, goodwill, credibility, integrity and honour.

The question we need to ask the spiteful PDP Like Minds henceforth, since they have become Fayose’s defenders and rag tag army, is, they should explain to the world what dynasty Fayose has.

The Fayose who could not install a successor when he had everything working for him in the party and the state, as incumbent Governor?
Or the same Fayose who even went as far as fraudulently coming up with fake judgement in respect of the PDP Ekiti State Congress where he lied that court affirmed his doctored list on ward and local govt Congress?

Deceptively, the rascal who calls himself ex-Governor is perpetuating his illegal congress list, ostensibly, to give APC free meal tickets in his state. Nevertheless, Ekiti is ready to vote for PDP but they have vowed never to have Fayose’s ally imposed on them. Surely, Ekiti people will disgrace Fayose again.

We, the Ibadan Youth Solidarity Movement will continue to defend our own against all vile creatures in whatever guise they come and we promise to do that in the language they will understand.

Gbolahon Lawal

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