Aggrieved Group Against Makinde are Nothing but Unserious Decadents – Dare Adeleke

It’s that time once again, when clowns and jokers embark on a carnival of tomfoolery.
News that some so-called band of simpletons gathered under the guise of Aggrieved Members of PDP, to embark on unreasonable protest, did not come as a surprise to decent and right thinking members of the party.
These jesters who converged at the Jogor Event center, Oke-Ado only proved that they are a bunch of unserious decadents without a coherent mission but to collect some miserly pittance after executing their act of silliness.
While every member of the party is important to the OYO PDP, we must however, not give room for all kinds of sponsored groups intent on derailing our vision.
A thorough browsing of the list of the so-called aggrieved members shows that there is no single member from the House of Assembly comprising of 27 members, not one party chairman or Ward chairman was represented at their infamous meeting.
How can charlatans who cannot boast of 20 members in their ward claim to have a serious stake in the party?
I would advise those unscrupulous non-starters to first concentrate on forming a credible political base before carrying out the hatchet job of their pay masters.
I would like to re-affirm the fact that there will not be a parallel Congress in Oyo State.
If they are strong enough, let them come out and test their political strength in the Congress which they know they cannot stop.
People are expected to come out to the venue with their delegates and go through the Democratic process of our great party.
Whoever has the most candidates will carry the day.
It must be noted that Governor Seyi Makinde, as leader of the PDP, South-West, is committed and has always been committed to thorough democratic values and has never deviated from his promise to uphold the integrity of the laws of the party and the state.
His Excellency’s performance score card is in public domain and only the blind or those pretending to be blind for pecuniary reasons, deny the fact. Seyi Makinde, remains the Most performing Governor in Nigeria till date. The records are everywhere for anyone who cares to research and of course the infrastructures are on ground for those who seek the truth to see.
The governor’s list of achievements is in public domain.
Let us go to Congress and let the best win.

Dare Adeleke
Executive Chairman, Oyo Pace Setters Company

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