Stop Maligning Bode George, You’re being Sponsored by APC – Dare Adeleke Tells Adetokunbo Pearse

Oyo PDP Chieftain and chairman Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company, Dare Adeleke has accused Adetokunbo Pearse, a member of the PDP in Lagos State, of telling blatant lies, in his recent published open letter to Lagos PDP founding father, Chief Olabode George, titled, “The Burden of Guilt”.

Pearse, among other accusations he leveled against Bode George, accused the former Military Governor of Ondo State, former Chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority, and former National Deputy Chairman of the PDP, of encouraging a divided party, fraternising with the opposition and making the party lose in elections. He also alleged that Chief George used his friendship with President Buhari to secure political appointments for his wife, Chief Mrs Roli Bode George.
Reacting to these allegations, Dare Adeleke says Pearse is “talking serious balderdash and cooking up such damaging lies which are enough to further cause friction in the Lagos PDP, for very selfish reasons.”

Adetokunbo Pearde

In a phone interview with this medium, Adeleke addresses the issues presented and noted: “Chief Bode George, is a man who used his resourcees experience and connections to build the PDP to the level it is today.
“It is indeed people like Adetokunbo Pearse who have continually ensured there is friction within members of the Lagos PDP when they start crying wolf because they cannot get their wish.”
“The fact is that Pearse is writing and spreading falsehood today, only because he wanted to contest a position riding on Chief Bode George’s group. He is raising dust now because that did not come to pass and he is in deep pain.
“Are you telling me that Pearse does not know what every other Nigerian knows that the APC has not in actual fact won any of those elections he stated were lost by the PDP in Lagos State? We all know the fact and the sad reality of Tunubu’s do or die stance during elections. We know how results are over turned and the unfortunate hijacking of voters rights in Lagos State. So to say that the PDP has been losing elections because of one individual, is an escapist mindset which can only come from one who is either delusional or intensely bitter and hateful.”

Chief Bode George

Adeleke noted further: “Pearse is an agent of destruction, who has no political relevance. He is myopic when it comes to politics. I expected him to speak out on Tinubu’s mismanagement of Lagos, as Chief Bode George always does. Instead, the coward is a constant visitor at Bourdillon.”

“I am warning Adetokunbo Pearse to desist from throwing empty cans, else we will show him where he belongs” Dare Adeleke warned.
On issues raised by Pearse concerning Chief Roli Bode George,
Adeleke stated: “Bringing Chief Roli George’s name into his jumbled piece of falsehood shows how crass and mean the man, Pearse is. Mrs Bode George is eminently more qualified than a lowly character as Adetokunbo Pearse.
Mrs Bode George is a seasoned politician and a captain in her forte.
Pearse must have forgotten that it was ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s who nominated Mrs Bode George and the Buhari government saw the same values in her.
To say she is not qualified to be appointed by President Buhari in her individual capacity just goes to show that Pearse is a fouled mind trying to settle personal scores by trumping up all manner of falsehood against a perceived enemy.
“Nobody criticises the APC and Buhari’s government as Chief Bode George does so of course it is apparent that Pearse chooses to be foolishly delusional in his letter of lies.
A very lowly character who thinks he can stir the hornet’s nest to cause disafection among party members.”

Dare Adeleke

Adeleke advised Pearse “to stop behaving like a motor Park tout, he should go and face the court case dangling over his head and stop causing more trouble for himself with more libelous publications.”

“The PDP is truly set and ready to take over the reins of leadership from the APC which has failed woefully. I will advise Dr Pearse to stop being a nuisance, behave himself or ship his disloyal self to Bourdillon. The PDP can do without people whose only ‘usefulness’ to the party is to create disaffection and distribute bitter blood.”

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