Blame Donor Nations for 1m Expired Vaccines in Nigeria -WHO

Vaccine waste is in Europe, not Nigeria
The fatal mistake in Nigeria is not the first. In November, despite its need for vaccine doses, Namibia warned that it would have to destroy the doses because their remaining shelf life was not long enough to allow distribution. Similarly, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Malawi had to destroy or return doses of vaccines donated by rich countries because they did not receive them in time to distribute them before they expired.

In November, Nigeria was able to distribute 800,000 doses that were close to their expiration date, thanks to a plan that bolstered vaccine facilities, according to the World Health Organization.

One year after the start of the global vaccination campaign, rich countries continue to stockpile vaccines, greatly limiting global redistribution efforts for doses of residue that arrived too late to fully maximize their usefulness.

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