Rattawu NTA Headquarters Confers Award of Excellence on Usman Jahun, CG Vigilante Group of Nigeria

The NTA Headquarters chapter of the Radio, Television and Art Workers Union (RATTAWU), Abuja, recently presented an Award of Excellence to the Commander-in-Chief of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), Osman Muhammad Jahun PhD.

The award was presented by the Director General of Nigeria Television Corporation (NTA) Asabe Akmodi to the recipient.

In his statements, Director General (General Directorate) NTA Yacoub bin Muhammad

congratulated the CG VGN for his hard work in combating the security challenges affecting Nigeria due to the good work he is doing.

“That is why today, he is being  recognized  by this excellent  award among other recipients,” he said.

In his acceptance remarks, the CG appreciated Rattawu members for finding him worthy and acknowledged him for his contributions to tackling insecurity in Nigeria by giving the award of excellence and promise to put more effort into the ongoing contribution by his men for fighting insurgency in trouble areas in Nigeria.

Head of RATTAWU NTA Headquarters, Ukeme Udofa said that the award is a tribute to those who have contributed to Nigeria’s development in various fields of human endeavour.

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