Its Time for Youths to Take Leadership – Former South West Youth Leader, Dare Adeleke

As we move closer to election year 2023, players, actors, lackeys, critiques, propagandists and a whole hoard of wagoners are out raking up dusts and deliberate carefully crafted information as well as disinformation.
It is all to be expected. However, what we must not allow to control center space are false narratives. Such narratives as the misinformation being thrust out in public place that elders who have contributed in no small measure to the destruction of our country must be allowed to run again, only because people their age have become leaders and done well.
We must remind those pushing these false narratives that they must also reveal the fact that those elders who have ruled these other countries, such as Angela Merkel of Germany, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, even ex- President Trump, Xi Jiping of China (who actually is 68yrs old) etc, did not leave a legacy of poverty nor economic and infrastructural decay.

We must note that the above mentioned leaders have at every point acted in consonance with democratic principles and good leadership norms.

They did not loot the Treasury, neither did they plunge their country into insecurity while passively aiding terrorism and banditry.
We must remind ourselves that these leaders from Japan to the UAE to Britain, did not abandon leadership for aggrandisement of wealth and neither did they take possession of the people’s collective wealth and destinies.
We may ask ourselves, how many of these leaders own mansions all over the world, how many own private jets, how many have gargantuan bank accounts they cannot defend?
We may also ask how the youth population in those countries are faring. Are they largely unemployed, do they have good education and healthcare, are their voices silenced by bullets when they attempt to speak up? Do they, above all have the choice to chose who leads them or not?
Now, what is the GDP in those countries, how is their social infrastructure, do they not have good health care, good education, social security, etc?
When on the other hand, you have a nation where sit tight elders have always been the problem of the people, fleecing the soul of the nation, instituting hunger disease and insecurity, why would you want them back? It is against the basic law of nature to retain your oppressor when given the divine opportunity to change him.
Where elders take to telling lies, forging certificates, falsifying their very existence, they are not fit for leadership. They are devious characters whose only aim is to hold on to the jorgular of the nation and continue to spiral it into a dark abyss. May God forbid that we make the same mistake again.

Dare Adeleke

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