You are a Cheap Political Jobber – Dare Adeleke Blasts Deji Adeyanju over Statement on Makinde

The person called Deji Adeyanju, a well known activist by day and political jobber by night is again doing what he knows best, levering baseless allegations against political leaders with the hope of being invited to dinner at night.

I would like to inform Adeyanju that the whole world now knows his modus operandi.

To think that a man who makes his money from politicians and shady activism would not pick his victims carefully, shows how greedy he has grown in the Business of subtle blackmail.
I would like to tell Mr Adeyanju that he has often left a trail, like a child whose pop corn falls off his pocket as he steals out of the house to play in muddy creek.
He has become an activist for sale and such a person should have shame enough to be quiet and not take on people who are going about their legitimate and legal businesses.

To think that one as tainted as Adeyanju will take on such a transparent character as Governor Seyi Makinde shows that desperate people do not know when to stop.
It sounds like a joke and I hope it actually is a joke that Adeyanju would accuse Governor Makinde of such things as demeaning as thuggery, imposition of stakeholders and even acting as a mini god.
Adeyanju also claimed that Makinde was humbled in Ekiti.
How pathetic.
Adeyanju, it seems, is used to theatrics and where he doesn’t find a stage for his drama, he conjures one.

In every election, there are winners, aggressors and aggrieved, just as it happened in the Ekiti Primary.
It is on record, that former Governor Ayodele Fayose applauded Governor Seyi Makinde over the success of the election. If the strongman himself can thank Makinde, who is this imp called Deji?
Why is he crying wolf where there is none? What really does he want?
I hear he has a price. A serious critique would buttress his points with examples and evidence. Unfortunately, Adeyanju has neither of the two because he is merely raising dust to be noticed and invited.
I would advise all Yoruba men and women of good conscience to disregard Adeyanju’s gibberish.

Dare Adeleke


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