A Thief is Nothing But a Thief -by Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu

The de-radicalization must start with us calling a thief by his name.
For instance, why call Ritualists Yahoo Boys?

We started getting it wrong by accepting funny but totally deceitful terms to rename wrong doings and cover up evil deeds.
That’s when our societal/moral values started rolling downhill.

We accepted abnormal slangs into our national lexicon and use them daily to psychologically douse the grim reality.

We jettisoned hard truth as it may hurt the feelings of the perpetrators because of affiliation and other xyz reasons.

We now use euphemisms subtly to describe vices, perversions and crimes.

Fraud: Yahoo boys

Ritualist: Yahoo plus

Evil: Live and Let live

Slay Girl: Do what makes you happy

Prostitution: Hook-up

One of the first places to start is the above.

Like the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang, a thief should be called a thief. Nothing else!
You be thief/I no bi thief
You be rogue/ I no bi rogue
You dey steal/I no dey steal
You be robber/ I no be robber
You be armu robber/ no bi armu robber
Argument, argument, argue/ dem argue/every body dey argue
Argument about stealing, somebody don take something wey belong to another person…
There, you have it!

A thief is nothing but a thief, whether he stole diamonds or a piece of cake.

We should stop sugar coating the fact with words like fraud, mismanagement, embezzlement, misappropriation etc…

Add yours!

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