Atiku should be tired of eying Presidency after trying for 24 years, Says Ex Campaign Spokesman, Afegbua

A former campaign spokesman for ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Kassim Afegbua, has called on the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in 2019 general elections to rest after vying for the position for 24 years.
According to Afegbua, the main opposition party can not recycle leaders who should be resting at home with their grandchildren to come lead Nigerians in the 21st century.

He further stated that Atiku is too old to contest in the 2023 general election, as he is expected to know when to exit the contest for power.

Afegbua made this claim during an interview with Punch ahead of the much anticipated presidential election in 2023.

The former campaign spokesman for Atiku when questioned about his claim that Atiku cannot be PDP’s perennial candidate, like Buhari contested for years said, “Are you aware that Alhaji Atiku has been contesting election since 1993 during the MKO Abiola era? That is 29 years ago and the same man is still in the race? Haba naa.

“President Buhari was contesting the election under his own party like the ANPP, CPC and later APC. You cannot compare those political parties with the PDP, which is a national party.

“If Atiku was a candidate in 2019 and we lost the election, it is only equitable to allow another candidate from the South to try this time around.

“We cannot continue to recycle leaders who should be resting at home with their grandchildren to come to lead us in this 21st century. We need upwardly mobile young Nigerians to take the shot and create a new paradigm shift in terms of our leadership orientation.

“It is time for us to say capital NO to Methuselah politics. We are tired of these tired legs. We need to breathe.”

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