Dare Adeleke Pens Tribute to Alao Akala: He was a Man With a Big Heart and Generous Personality

The good deeds that men do surely live after them.
Life as we live it, is not to die but to leave lasting footprints for those we live behind and generations yet to be born, after we leave this earth.
How do we impact on people around us and what legacy do we want to be remembered for? Good or bad, the choice is ours while we are alive.
Some choose the right path knowing that one day, they too will say goodbye to this world but the world never says goodbye to their testaments and testimonies.
One of such men was the late Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, astute politician and former governor of Oyo State.

The life and times of Adebayo Alao-Akala cannot be captured in one week but Nigerians from all works of life have done a lot to enlighten the world on what Akala represented and his exemplary leadership and private qualities in the week long burial activities lined up for the final burial ceremony of the late governor and a truly great Nigerian.
The day of Tribute for Akala illuminated the character called Akala. While many have praised his undeniable values, I will talk about him in my personal capacity as one who served under him.

I was Special Adviser Governmental projects and also Special Adviser, Youth and Sports for eleven months but served for 4 yrs as Special Adviser.
Akala was a man with a huge heart and very generous personality.
He opened his doors to everyone irrespective of political differences and never held a grudge.
Many who benefitted from Akala both politically and otherwise will never forget how easily it was to reach the governor.
Indeed Alao-Akala’s whose level of public relations was exceptional and his capacity for work marveled all around him.
Akala worked round the clock and reached out to everyone no matter how pressing the work load.
He was indeed a man of many parts.
Through every travail, he remained jovial and refused to be bitter. He instead embraced life with a positive mind.
Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala was indeed a great Nigerian statesman who will be sorely missed.
We love him but God loves him best.
May his great soul, rest in peace.

Dare Adeleke

Dare Adeleke

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