Super Cop My Foot! -by Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu

His rise was phenomenal.
He was getting accolades from all corners, photo ops with the president, standing ovation in the hallowed chambers, awards and recognition on a daily basis. Hobnobbing with the high and mighty. And the crooked.

When he held sway, I heard the daily traffic of people to his office was akin to those at visa centers.
Everybody wanted to be associated with him. Who nor like better thing?!

He lapped it all up, loved the attention and hugged the social media as the new poster boy of the police force.
Perhaps, that was his greatest undoing. The media attention.
And his direct, personal social media interactions, many times against civil service commission rules.

Then cracks in his wall of carefully propped image began to show…

Complaints of under-dealings and high handedness started surfacing from victims of his investigation team. But we shrugged it off, we were quick to defend him. Blaming it on detractors and admonishing him to stay focused on the job.

Even when faced with disturbing facts by those he maltreated and used state power to corruptly usurp.

Then wham! The cracks got widened into a gully by the Hushpuppi saga.

He was suspended pending investigation.
With extradition looming, Super Cop stayed upbeat, not withstanding.

He couldn’t for long though.
The strange allure of criminality wouldn’t let him.
Against all sense of precaution expected from a well trained intelligence officer before his present inglorious debacle, he threw caution out the window and got his hands trapped yet again in the cookie jar. Cocaine trafficking. While on suspension! Kyari’s blood runs on greed.

If not for his insatiable greed, he would have been reinstated back into the force.
We’ve seen such absurdity happen over and over under this anormaly rulership.

To think he was being primed as IGP in the nearest future?
Nigeria would have become a big crime scene under him.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, Abba Kyari is a bad example.

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