Dare Adeleke Calls on PDP NWC to Investigate Irregularities in Lagos Congress

A gale of condemnation has trailed the recently concluded Lagos PDP Congress.
Many reactors have termed it unfair, rigged and fraudulent.
Not left out of those who feel the Lagos PDP Congress was unjust is Oyo PDP Chieftain, Dare Adeleke.
In a statement released in Ibadan, Adeleke who is the Executive Chairman of the Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company, described the election as incongruous and a sham in all its entirety and called on the national working Committee of the party to act now to check another polarisation of the party in Lagos State.

The statement reads:
The whole country has watched with disgust, the so called election held in Lagos by the PDP.
It is highly disappointing that Governor Duoyo Diri who supervised the Congress was misled by some unscrupulous elements in the party.
We now know that the process of the election was faulty in all its entirety and has rubbished the effort of our great party at putting it’s house together to present a strong and untied front in the 2023 elections.
It would seem that some people are determined to undermine His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde’s achievement in bringing all PDP stakeholders on one table of brotherhood and ensuring peace in our zone.
While Seyi Makinde embarked and achieved a peaceful resolution of chapters after the initial violence that preceded the election after the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, some miscreants still went ahead to disenfranchise members.
It is true that after His Excellency, Seyi Makinde’s intervention, all actors came to an agreement on consensus candidates.
Having achieved this, delegates left the venue only for a reversal of the resolution, to be made with a highly compromised delegates list while most delegates had dispersed.
It is more than apparent now that Deji Doherty and his cohorts are hell bent on selling the party to APC’s, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
We must recall that Tinubu’s SWAGA movement was launched at Doherty’s event center. That tells a lot.
I hereby call on the NWC of the PDP to diligently look into the anomaly and great injustice that took place in Lagos by recalling the delegates list and doing a proper investigation by thoroughly scrutinizing the list.
The PDP cannot afford a divided house now.
If we are to achieve a strong presence in 2023, we must begin to address issues while they are still in the nursery and not when they turn into fat tree trunks that will form obstacles of progress in the future.
What happened in Lagos is incongruous and it must be addressed, NOW.

Dare Adeleke

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