International Women’s Day: Dare Adeleke Urges NASS to Revisit Gender Equality Bill

It’s another great opportunity to celebrate our dear mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.
The International Women’s Day is a global day set aside to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women.
I join all Nigerians to celebrate the Nigerian woman whose love nurtures our nation and who contributes in no small means to the socio-economic existence of our country.
With Nigerian women forming 49% of our population, a much larger percentage than the male folks, the importance of women in our polity cannot be over emphasized.
As politicians, we fully recognize the position of women in our voting process as it is a fact that our women form the larger percentage of voters during elections. We therefore cannot overlook the premium role women play in the institutionalization of leaders and policy makers who build our society.
I hereby call on the National Assembly to revisit the Gender Equality Bill as without it, we are cutting off the most effective and most active demography in our nation building.
What did women ask for? They are simply requesting robust representation in elective positions and more respect as human beings. I do not think they are asking for too much. Their requests should be treated as a demand for justice and not approached as a beggarly act.
What the NASS has done by rejecting the Gender Equality Bill is tantamount to saying men are superior beings.
We must bear in mind that we are husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles who love our women dearly for their sacrifice and love.
I make bold to say that but for my mother, I will not be who I am today.
It is true that like me, most men are born of strong women who are very dear to them.
It is also a fact that we will have a much balanced and decent society if we give women their right.
In my capacity as a son of an Amazon, a father of Princesses, a brother to Queens and Uncle to crown princesses, I wish every Nigerian woman, a happy International Women’s ‘s Day.

Dare Adeleke
Executive Chairman,
Oyo pacesetters Transport Company

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