Why PDP Must Zone Presidency to South – Dare Adeleke

Nigeria has never been on a precipice as we are at this moment.
Our nation groans and bleeds begging for deliverance from the eight years of torturous survival meted on it by APC’s abuse of power and flagrant disregard for the people it was elected to serve.

We have never had it so bad, companies are packing up production and moving to saner climes, citizens are groaning as they are being flogged to near death by APC’s tattered but merciless broom, unemployment has peaked, reaching as high 35% in 2021.
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) linked unemployment in Nigeria to the phenomenon of jobless growth, increased number of school graduates with no matching job opportunities, a moratorium on employment in many public and private- sector institutions, and continued job losses in the manufacturing and oil sectors.
All these of course can be traced to a government which has been comatose for the better part of eight years and a president who is not only clueless about leading a modern day nation but who has been in hiatus for eight years spending much of his tenure hibernating in UK hospitals and generally oozing an “I don’t care’ body scent.
This is why the whole country has rejected the APC and why the PDP must get it right in election year, 2023.
This is the time to listen to the heartbeat of the nation, the voice of the people, and act, accordingly.
We must bear in mind the APC’s penchant for mischief and deceit.
They are yet again set to apply those characteristic traits in a bid to twat the PDP and becloud the people’s sense of reasoning as they did in 2015 and 2019 but that is, if the PDP allows them.
Now is the time to checkmate the APC’S desperation to hold on to power.
The APC has already pre-empted the PDP by its body language and political watchers can safely say, the APC has already decided to play the north/south card by zoning it’s presidential slot to the south.

The PDP cannot afford to play to the gallery anymore.

I must emphasize that PDP has always led in exemplary and fair leadership. We precipitated the tradition of rotation. The PDP is the architect of Geo- political zoning. This robust political culture started since 1999 at the Jos convention.
What obtains since that historic convention is that once the North picks the National Chairman, the South automatically picks Presidency.
We cannot afford to do otherwise now because that seems to be the general mood of the people.

I hereby appeal to former VP, the Turaki Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Gov. Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State, Senator Bala Muhammed, Governor of Bauchi and former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, to please be nationalistic enough not to pollute the waters of our polity by insisting on northern presidency at this time.

We can do the right thing and we must do the right thing that the people who are now firmly behind our party want. It is only fair that the PDP presidential slot moves to the south.
We expect to win the election because the people are fed up with Buhari. Nigeria cannot afford another wasted and degenerative tenure under the APC.

Dare Adeleke

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