2023 Presidency: Seyi Makinde Most Qualified Among His Peers

With clear signs that the southern part of Nigeria once again has the opportunity of leading Nigeria into greatness, it is time to look inwards as we prepare for this very important role in the history of our country.
What kind of leader does Nigeria need now having come out of rulership of so called strong men without the prerequisite knowledge of rulership?
It is not far fetched to say Nigeria is no longer looking for those kind of men. We no longer want Bulls without brains who only go into the shop to wreck all it’s wares.
What we need are men of good conscience, men willing to serve and not be served nor worshipped, men who listen to the people and act accordingly, men of goodwill and strength of character, men who can appraise situations and define more civilized ways of solving them, men who respect and uphold the rule of law, men of integrity who will stand by their words, through actions and examples, men who will restore peace in Nigeria because of their sincerity of purpose, men who will rescue Nigeria from the grip of evil forces.
To get such men as a collective force, Nigeria needs a leader who has proven records that it can be done and has been done and this is why today, myself and top stakeholders of Oyo are calling on Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, to run for president.
Why Seyi Makinde? It is simple. In the past three years that he has been governor, His Excellency Seyi Makinde has proven that power truly belongs to the people and he has governed from that prism that he is servant of the people and not master.
Being a thoroughly educated mind who made his wealth long before he joined politics, Makinde is a leader to whom accountability in government is sacred.
Right from his first day in office, the transformation of Oyo State which had been plunged into disrepair, insecurity, indebtedness, rot and decay by the Ajimobi (RIP) led APC, began in earnest. Today, three years later, Makinde is known all through Oyo as the “Extraordinary Miracle” of Oyo”.
Let’s quickly look at why Oyo people rever their governor and why we believe he is the man for the job.

The most sensitive litmus test for Makinde was the uprising of a certain young man who led his people to protest against injustice by some criminal Fulani elements in his hometown. While it is a fact that his agitation was not out of place, it was highly treasonable to circumvent the laws of the land and declare a war against constituted authority.
Makinde’s dexterity at diplomacy and firmness in governance stopped the chaos and anarchy that could have occured in Oyo. This is the kind of leader Nigeria needs now.
The criminal elements were flushed out while the dissidents were pushed back by His Excellency’s wisdom and painstaking efforts which has ensured peace in Oyo now, round the clock.
We must also note that while the entire South West region was at the threat and mercy of the ruthless criminal militant foreign marauders, Seyi Makinde took the gauntlet of a true, fearless leader of his people and initiated the birth of the South South West security outfit, Amotekun.
While others dilly dallied on its launch, Makinde, the only PDP governor in the South West and leader of the PDP in the zone, boldly and courageously launched Amotekun in Oyo.
Today Amotekun has become very effective at community policing and crime is on an all time low. It is also thanks to the leadership ability of Makinde that Amotekun officers do not take the laws into their hands but work hand in hand with the police and other recognized security agencies of government.
We must also recall that long before Amotekun, His Excellency, Seyi Makinde had launched the Swift Rapid Response (SRC) which was manned by the police and equipped with modern security gadgets.

If he can do this on his level as restrictive as the law is, Seyi Makinde will easily tackle insecurity in Nigeria. He has shown by the Oyo example, that securing our lands and borders is not rocker science. All that is needed is foresight, collaboration and the will power.
Another area that is in shambles is the Nigerian economy.
While Makinde met the Oyo economy in taters with empty treasury, the fortunes of the state today has grown in leaps and bounds.

While the state prospers in development and progress, we must remember that His Excellency Gov Seyi Makinde is the only Governor in the South West State who has never complained about state finances pre and post COVID-19, yet Oyo is not priority to the central government because Oyo is not ruled by the APC.

For the benefit of the doubt, listed below, are some developmental progress achieved in just three years:

  1. Over 500 kilometers of roads constructed and ongoing.
  2. Over 250 kilometres light up oyo that cuts across every nook and cranny of the state (first of its kind)
  3. Free Education to secondary level.
  4. Over 78 Model school built and over 300 classrooms constructed.
  5. Adamasingba Stadium and other township Stadiums Renovated.
  6. Over 250 Primary Health Care Centers Renovated.
  7. Over 100 Transits Buses Purchased.
  8. Four standard Terminal Stations ongoing and completed.
  9. Bridges Constructed
  10. LAUTECH Ownership.
  11. Equipped all State Hospital with modern Equipments
  12. Employed over 7000 Teachers, Education Officers and Health officers.
  13. Almost 10,000 Youths sent to learn Agro-business in Nasarrawa State
  14. Conducted Local government election.
  15. Spend several billion on security.
  16. Regular subvention to the state University
  • Paying Salaries regularly.
  • Subversion to State University, 3 Polytechnics, 2 Colleges of Education and others regularly.
  • Paying Pension and Gratuity regularly.
  • Regular Subversion to Lautech Teaching Hospital and State General Hospitals.
  • Paying Running Cost to over 600 primary and secondary schools in the state…
    We can go on and on, actually.

It must be noted that the ruling APC, have tactically zoned the presidency to the South West, while our party, the PDP, is still dwelling in zoning rhetorics.

I believe we must respond to the APC with equal formula and put our best foot forward.

Seyi Makinde, is a bonafide Afenifere and one of Nigeria’s most successful Engineers oil and gas.

Now that it is general consensus that the old vanguard should pave way for younger leaders with newer ideas, we the people of Oyo declare and believe that Engr. Seyi Makinde is the right man for president.
He has the tenacity, dexterity in both public and the private sectors, diplomacy, goodwill, humane spirit, ability to deliver, toughness to carry out the job, totally de-tribalized and he is a proven go getter and the best man to take Nigeria to peace and stability.

Dare Adeleke

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