We Will Work for Tegbe’s Victory, says Dare Adeleke…warns meddlers to stay off

There are people who are so mentally disorganized, they keep running when nobody is pursing them.
One such person is a former Attorney General who served under late Governor Ajimobi.

While the past has overtaken him, the former AG still holds on to grand illusions and delusion.

He has become a vain attention seeker who doesn’t have the slightest political relevance to support even a councillor.

A man who claims to be APC but is neither here nor there, a fence sitter who doesn’t have the capacity to jump and take a stand on a turf.

As a matter of fact, his lily livered antecedent makes his membership of the APC highly suspicious.

This particular joker had the temerity to write an article as vacant and vacuous as the paper it was written on.

Alluding to the miserable untruth that Ajimobi was rigged out, is a shocking pointer of his spaced out mind set.

Even the new born at the time, knows that Oyo people rejected the APC outrightly.

Dare Adeleke

It is only a simpleton with questionable cerebral matter that will contest that fact or was the former AG in a dead sleep when former Gov. Ajimobi commended the INEC after the elections?

The fact is, this unsolicited support for our candidate, Mogaji Olasunkanmi Tegbe is not needed nor appreciated by us in the PDP.

Mogaji Tegbe is an accomplished technocrat and builder who has spread his net across all sectors and has served meritoriously both in public, private and educational sectors. We don’t need Mr. Nosy Parker to tell us this.

I would like to tell the busy body, bitter meddler that we have accepted Mogaji Tegbe as directed by the leader of our party, His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde.

Mr writer, you shouldn’t feel we don’t have materials to build the future with us. You are an arm chair critic and a gullible nobody.

There is no doubt hat Mogaji Tegbe will carry our flag and we shall work for his victory.

I advice you to be mindful of your ranting against the star of the South West, Gov. Seyi Makinde’s whose name is valuable gold that anyone can take to the bank and it would be accepted as collateral.

Indeed Makinde’s politics of inclusion is unbeatable and is one of the threads holding our zone together in progress, as he continues to forge cohesion and unity.

I must emphasize that the PDP shall repeat the feat of 2019 and even stronger in 2023.

Dare Adeleke


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