Blood of Nigerian Youths Massacred in Lekki is an Albatross on Tinubu’s Neck – Dare Adeleke

The emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the APC Presidential candidate can be viewed from the lens of the shock and silence that welcomed the outcome of the diddle daddle which the APC called a convention.
The charade which went on endlessly in a colourless parade of waste of saliva and resources, can only be likened to President Buhari’s mindless six – month search for ministers who turned out to be the most incompetent bunch of clowns Nigeria ever had the misfortune of having in the executive arm of government.
After Buhari’s retrogressive and turbulent 8years, with all facets of the Nigerian society decaying so dismally, we had thought that the APC will be kind enough or even pretend to put up a humane facade by doing what is right by Nigerians given the present realities of excruciating poverty, deep and deploring insecurity, ingrained poverty in the land and a general sense of fear and hopelessness, to reduce the pain in the hearts of the people. It is a shame that they did the exact opposite. This is one party that has never cared about the sufferings of citizens. These are men who party in a convoluted jamboree of unconcern when Nigerians cry and the country burns.

A stroll through comments on Twitter immediately after the announcement of Bola Tinubu as flag bearer shows the extent of disappointment and sadness that overwhelmed the country, especially Nigerian youths who have been slowly decimated by Buhari’s state police. The cruelty does not stop in the unrelentless and unhindered harassment, oppression, extra judicial killings across the country by these state agents but the unbridled orgy of violence by security agencies under APC leadership, led to a night Nigerians will not forget in a hurry. The mowing down of youths, Nigerian children born of Nigerian parents who gathered in the hundreds to demand an end to injustice, in a massacre never witnessed in the history of this country. .

Dare Adeleke

Indeed on the now historic day of 20/10/20, Nigerians watched in horror as federal soldiers opened fire on youths who were singing the national anthem and holding the Nigerian flag.
Brutally, many were murdered and cowardly, state police picked up dead bodies to clean up and hide their dastard act, or so they thought. The Blood of all those massacred at the Lekki Toll Massacre on 20/10/20 will come to haunt the APC, especially the man who has been given the bloodied flag to bear.

It is indeed a desecration of justice and fairness, a huge dent to the memory of the dead and a harsh slap on families and friends of victims that the same man, who allegedly ordered the switch-off of the toll lights and a dismantling of all security applications and gadgets, the man who unwittingly and advertently allegedly ordered the shooting at sight of innocent, armless youths, young protesters, hopes of Nigeria, at the Lekki Massacre, is today, the presidential candidate of the APC. The flag stained with the Blood of these young innocent men and women will surely become an albatross on his neck. It is a prayer and I say, Amen.

When conscience dies, what you have is a living, cold, unfeeling carcass. Thinking about a Tinubu presidency makes one shudder in horror. How many more innocent souls will Hannibal slaughter if he is given hold of the presidential sword?

We must not descend as low as concretizing evil simply because we share same boundaries or speak same language.

Those clamouring for a Yoruba president should not rejoice at the victory of Bola Tinubu.

The glaring fact is that Tinubu is more northerner than a southerner.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has always worked in favor of the north. Whenever there was a pressing need to take a stand and defend his ethnic group, Tinubu would always tilt north.

When his Fulani pallies murdered Funke Olakurin, daughter of Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, Tinubu was in his most self selective distant and unhindered state of mind. He infamously asked the question: “Where are the cows”, absolving his Fulani brothers without one sign of sympathy for the dead.

During the Election, we must remember, Mulika Adeola and Tambuwal, how Tinubu and his fellows in the ACN jettisoned the chance of the Yoruba and went ahead to deploy hundreds of millions of Naira, stolen Yoruba people’s money, to support Tambuwal.

When fire razed Tejuoso and Sasha markets in Lagos and Ibadan, respectively, Bola Tinubu did not pay any visit to these sites but immediately went to donate N50m to Kastina market that also experience the same scenario at the same time.

It’s pay back time and we must send Asiwaju, their Jagaban, to his family in Sokoto and Kastina to get his votes from them.

Our vote is our power and we will not trade it for bigotry or ethnicity.

It is high time we acted as a block with wisdom and jettison tribal politics.

With our present situation now, we, the Yorubas, need a unifier, someone who is unpretentiously national, someone who is not given to empty rhetorics or vacuous grand standing, someone who does not believe that the presidency is his inheritance which must be clinched by force in a do or die battle, a man who has the youths in mind with lofty economic blueprint and an agenda to end insecurity and get the country working again and that person is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, tested and trusted.

Nigeria cannot again afford to have a clueless desperado whose only reason for contesting is because he feels entitled to the presidency without a single plan on how to solve the problems beasetting our country.

We all watched Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the congress, unashamedly singing “Emilokan” (it is my turn to be president) while Nigerians are afraid of: “Ta lo kan” (who will be the next victim of insecurity) as they have become helpless.

Like Buhari before him, Tinubu’s sole aim of targeting Aso Rock is because of his diabolical quest for power, not because he has any clue about rescuing Nigeria.

In all of his statements made so far, the man, obviously ravaged by a degenerating nerve disorder, has not made one single coherent statement, less so a sensible point on how to move Nigeria forward. He has bungled his way through most speeches and fumbled every step of the way, slurring and stumbling like a drunken sailor.
Nigeria cannot afford another disaster. Buhari in 2015 was heading for the cliffs. Tinubu, today, is already is ship wreck.

Dare Adeleke


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