Real Reason Bode George and Gbenga Daniel Met at Adebanjo’s House – Dare Adeleke

As we approach election year 2023, we, the Yoruba are united in our quest for a better Nigeria and the man who is to drive us into a new dawn.

Our elders are determined to make sure that Nigeria doesn’t fall into wrong hands again.

It is true that former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel and Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George met at Baba Adebanjo, leader of Afenifere’s house but the meeting had nothing to do with a Yoruba agenda.

As one of the foremost Yoruba leaders, Chief George was at Baba’s house in his own capacity.

Daniel, an APC Chieftain may have been there also, to discuss affairs of his party and the clearly dead horse, Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his own capacity.

We must not forget that Daniel is aburo to Chief George, will they not mingle when they meet even if they had no common interest?

Yes, they may have used the opportunity to speak on issues bothering on the political landscape of our zone but it was not a prepared meeting.

Chief Bode George was present at Baba’s house, to discuss the harmonization and readiness of the Yoruba for the next election which is most crucial for the continued existence of our nation.

Once they found themselves on the same ground, the political gladiator, Bode George and his younger colleague, Gbenga Daniel mingled intellectually and discussed freely.

Those who insinuating that they were there to discuss a Yoruba agenda, clearly missed the point. They did not discuss a Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo agenda.

I will like to point out that Chief Bode George is a nationalist and not a tribal leader.

Chief George believes in Nigeria and holds dear the fact that the Omoluabi must emerge as a Nigerian.

To this end, Chief George and other eminent Yoruba elders, shall support an Omoluabi (meaning, a humane and honourable person).

Dare Adeleke

Our elders have resolved that we have to get our country back. Yorubas have suffered enough from the evil of kidnapping, banditry and Boko haram.

I advise detractors to stop trying to cause confusion with reckless statements.

However, our Yoruba elders, led by our Papa Chief Ayo Adebanjo, will do the needful.

Dare Adeleke


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