My Advice to Wike – By Dare Adeleke

Nigeria’s biggest misfortune and most costly mistake, the APC, a coven of the most vile characters are at it again.
What these band of political goons do best is deceit. Deceive the people, deceive themselves and hop around like cheap hustlers looking for saints to suck into their brotherhood of convoluted evil.

They stop at nothing when shopping for initiates, they come in white robes but their minds are as filthy as latrine.

Unfortunately, for them, Wike may be their next target but Wike is a man of integrity, respected for loyalty, a word alien to the APC.
Governor Nyesom Wike has built an unbeatable reputation as a courageous man of valour, a leader full of wisdom, a roaring Lion who fears no one and kowtows to none. He is one of the few knights who rode on his horse, with a shining sword, leading his people to face the relentlessly evil APC when it mattered the most. Wike saved his people, facing bullets from federal security agents.
Wike did not move to the APC for a soft fall when the federal government made life a horrifying existence for the people of Rivers State. Your Excellency Sir, you stood firm and continued to nurture your party, the PDP, through thick and thin.
A family is bound to have it’s problems, even the teeth and tongue sometimes fight but they do not disengage because they know they work better together inside one indivisible cavity.
If the tongue cuts itself off to be joined to an alien tongue, it will not flourish, so would the tooth. They will slide into decay and fall off.

Dare Adeleke

It is no longer hidden that the APC is again trying to fish in same waters they had defecated in. They want Rivers, they want Wike. They have forgotten that this is the same Rivers State that was placed under siege for over one week, receiving heavy bombardment from heavily armed soldiers sent in by the APC led federal government. Many sons and daughters who held the forte under Commander Wike, lost their lives.
The souls of the departed must be turning in their graves now, seeing those soulless men on the soil where their blood flowed.

Your Excellency Sir, you must not join, affiliate or have anything to do with the APC. Most of those who joined were later plunged into the most catastrophic political insignificance.
The APC is shameless and unapologetically so. They are destroyers of destinies, promising all and fulfilling none. Their antecedents are open for all to see.

My advice to you Your Excellency is to remain in the palace where you are known as king, where you wield influence and respect. Today may not be your day but tomorrow will bring a bright sunny day. Your patience, goodwill, integrity, loyalty will count one day in the very near future. Your turn will come, soon.
Do not band or bond with the vile men. You remain the roaring lion of the PDP.

Dare Adeleke
July 9, 2020

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