Makinde and Wike Should be Commended for Holding PDP together – Dare Adeleke

The Osun elections have come and gone. Winners have taken home the prize and losers gone home with heads hanging low. In all, we give glory to God that Adeleke ‘s stolen mandate has been restored.

However, I would like to address an issue which is as illogical as it is entrenched in falsehood.

I read with dismay and disbelief some misguided writers referring to some PDP leaders as losers at an election which was fought by all. Notably, they mentioned Governor Seyi Makinde and Governor Nyesom Wike.
History will always be on the side of men of goodwill, character and patience.
How soon do we forget once we think we have reached our goal?

How can we forget so suddenly that the South West PDP would have been torn into nothingness if not for the dogged and tenacious Seyi Makinde?

We must remember that it was Makinde who began to sew the tattarred fabric of the PDP in the South West into a cohesive and united party that it is today. Alas, without that unity, I do not think there would have been victory in Osun if we still had a polarized PDP.

As for Nyesom Wike, it is not hidden that he held the PDP together and almost singularly took on the gauntlet and sponsored the party when all seemed to be falling apart. His immense intervention in Edo when the PDP was in crises on the national level, ensured victory for the party, despite the formidable opposition of the APC, the war chest of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and others who queued behind the APC candidate. Obaseki was not only sucked into the PDP but went on the win landslide, thanks to Wike.

Have we also forgotten how Governor Wike stood against federal might, bravely and physically faced federal troops sent to his state and ensured victory for the PDP in his state?

How come we forget so early and reward those who have stood by us and for us with ingratitude most times?

Now, back to Osun, both of our leaders, were either out of the country attending to pressing issues of their states or had just returned back to the country.

I am very aware that His Excellency, Seyi Makinde was not in Nigeria but had contributed huge resources towards the election in Osun.

To state that he is in cohort with those who are aggrieved for one reason or the other, is a statement concocted by enemies of progress and by mischievous political detractors.

Seyi Makinde is not a man who would build a house and then set the house on fire, going by his antecedence in both public and private enterprises.

I will like to point out that both Seyi Makinde of Oyo and his counterpart, Nyesom Wike of Rivers have been constant leaders of the PDP, if not the only two, who have made sure the party is alive today.

I hereby advise the people of Oyo and Rivers States, the entire country and all PDP members to disregard these agents of destabilization who are spreading the detrimental and impaired tales that some people deliberately avoided Osun.

Dare Adeleke

The PDP nationwide is still one and we will all work together to ensure victory for our party, all over the country in 2023.
I can assure you that come elections 2023, PDP is clinching the presidency. Shame to all agents of darkness.

Dare Adeleke


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