2023: Former Oyo PDP Members Will Return, Ayu is a Double Agent – Dare Adeleke Blows hot (a must read)

A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Dare Adeleke
has accused the Chairman of the party, Senator Iyorchia Ayu of double standards.
Adeleke revealed that the Chairman may be working for both the PDP and the APC.
Speaking on a TV programme on Fresh FM, The Situation Room, hosted by Mayor Isaac Brown, Adeleke said: “I heard it from a reliable source how during a NEC meeting he said Atiku is his friend and Tinubu is also his friend, if any of them wins, he will still be part of the government. Doesn’t that sound foolish for a national chairman of a party to have said that. I’m not trying to play politics but I’m only speaking truth to power. Atiku must come to the aid of the party if he wants to win this election. If he asks Ayu to resign, I know the man will resign gently but it is like some people do not just want this party to win. You can hear all that the people from Atiku’s camp are saying. We don’t need all of these in PDP. Some of these people left when there were challenges but we stayed come rain come sunshine”.

Adeleke who insisted that there is no crises in the PDP but that of necessity that the party must be set in order for the benefit of Nigerians, noted that the current chairman had breached an agreement which he himself acquiesced to before he was elected: “The thing now is that we must put our house in order. It is not about somebody wants to be a minister, no. What Ayu is doing isn’t fair to the people. What he said is that if the presidential candidate comes from the north, he will resign, I can play you the video. Let him resign honorably. It is like they are trying to destroy this party deliberately. Ayu has been accused to be working for the APC sometimes ago”

Adeleke who is also the Executive Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Service, urged leaders, stakeholders and members of the PDP to place the interest of the party as top priority with the resignation of the party’s National chairman, Iyorchia Ayu being expedient if 2023 was going to be a successful outing.

The Pacesetter Chairman, also stressed that the issue is about playing a clean internal democracy within the party not about anybody’s selfish interest or gain while noting that what the Wike’s group is trying to stand for is that Ayu must respect the agreement that he would resign if the party’s presidential candidate emerged from the North.

While reacting to the statement reportedly made by the National Chairman, Iyorchia Ayu where he referred to Governor Wike, his Oyo State counterpart, Seyi Makinde and others calling for his resignation as children, Prince Adeleke pointed out that it is quite unfortunate that such statement could be coming from Ayu because when PDP was formed, he(Adeleke) was there but Ayu was not there.

He further stressed that Ayu could not be a true founding father of the party because if he is one, he wouldn’t have left when PDP had challenges many years back. Now he’s back after Wike singlehandedly revived the party to claim that he’s a founding father.

“It is quite unfortunate that such statement could come from Ayu because by the time PDP was formed, I was there. The first day we formed it with Chief Bola Ige because it was APP we started with, we were there but Ayu wasn’t there.

Don’t forget, he was made the Senate president but was impeached. This is a man that left the PDP that he claims to be one of its founding fathers. Can you imagine that? How can you leave the house you built?

“Who are the children? When Wike singlehandedly removed his Kingsman, Secondus, where was Ayu, he was at UNIJOS lecturing. Wike singlehandedly brought into PDP some of the prominent leaders we have today. Wike is a man to listen to though he may have his own shortcomings but he speaks the truth.

“We expect our leaders to come to the aid of Nigerians. Are we going to go back to Egypt again? No, we can’t. Look at all that’s going on in the country, Nigerians are tired. APC thinks Nigerians are fools and will forget easily, they abused Jonathan because of ASUU claiming such will never happen in their time but look at what we have now, and yet they still have the guts to say people should vote for them.

“PDP should rise up, people are tired. We can’t have a Northern National chairman and the presidential candidate from the north. People will ask us if we are going to run a Northern government again. Even the northerners are tired. So, let Ayu resign peacefully, he shouldn’t wait until NEC meeting holds, Adeleke said.

Prince Adeleke who also spoke on issues bothering the Oyo State PDP said that Gov. Makinde is building a united PDP which will be void of division while noting that some of the leaders who had left the party are ready to come back as the governor had extended his hands of comradeship to them.

“If you want to talk about the division, you’ve already stated it that APC has a divided house as Accord is another APC and many of them have picked up one ticket or the other but we don’t have that here in PDP.

“It is quite unfortunate how some people are making unnecessary noise. The governor can’t see everyone at the same time. Governor has so many things to do and there’s a committee he has put in place to see to their case. He didn’t force anyone to collect the form, they contested in the primary and lost woefully.

“Nobody pressurized anybody to step down. Governor is not suppose to attend to these people but the official party hierarchy, that’s the Chairman of the partial et al.

“Seriously, governor Makinde is a peace loving man and he has already put down on his table that some of these people would be called. Some of them are already turning in, while some have been given appointment. Soon, you will hear that two third of these people have come to join the winning team.

On the rift between Gov. Makinde and Bisi Olopoeyan, he said “You are trying to talk about all these parties that has no stand. You’re talking about Olopoeyan, what can he do in this Ibadan Politics, he can’t move a rat not to talk of a mountain. I knew he supported us during the 2019 election but you know that all Oyo indigenes too supported Seyi Makinde massively.

“I can’t dispute the fact that Olopoeyan supported us but don’t start giving him a special recognition for such. Stop talking about NNPP, the only NNPP that I know is in Kano, I tell you here in Ibadan, they will be crumbled like a pack of cards”, Prince Adeleke added.

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