Why Success Story of Omituntun Buses is Giving Detractors Nightmares – Dare Adeleke

It is rather sad, pathetic and pitiable that some people have decided to become peddlers of lies and hawkers of mistruth.

All men and women of good stand are disgusted by what some elements have turned our political space into a front for false attacks and character defamation.

The piece of awful journalism, if we can tag that fictitious piece of trash, journalism; published in an online journal is indeed repelling.

The Nigerian journalism space has now been invaded by half wit slothful and moronic jungle layabouts who are daily, degrading the noble practice. Sadly.

It is worrisome that some person would sit in a beer palour and write a most untruthful piece and term it investigation.

Can anyone really claim to have investigated any story without images, documents or even eye witnesses? Is it now journalism to pick up a phone to write a shady story without giving fair hearing, by right of reply?

Of course, the so called reporter who penned the very wishy washy odious piece of lie is a paid lackey to some persons who in all likelihood are political bandits.

Just a cursory glance at his attempt at investigative journalism will show you a mind who doesn’t know the basic rudiments of Journalism, least of all, how to write a credible report.

Now, to the crux of the matter, the ignorable news written by one Yusuf Adua insinuating that Omototun buses, which was one of the promises of the Seyi Makinde administration, have become scarce on the roads, surely a piece of fiction written by a drunken wannabe writer.

We would have ignored such a claptrap but it behoves on us to correct the mischief for the purposes of facts which are sacred. If indeed Yusuf Adua exists, he must be the laziest writer in the universe and he must go back to school of journalism to learn proper news reporting.

These are the facts:

Indeed His Excellency, Gov. Seyi Makinde promised and provided brand new Leyland buses, Omituntun. Besides the buses provided by the governor, the Pacesetters Transport Company refurbished existing buses which are all on the road.

Omituntun buses are all over the town, and if the writer did not have negative political motives for the lowly hatchet job, he would simply have gone to the two major terminals of the service to observe the movement of our vehicles or as a professional investigative journalist would do, take pictures.

For the records, Omituntun buses can be seen on Challenge Terminal en-route Ring Road, Dugbe, Mokola, Veterinary, UI and Ojoo Terminal.

From Challenge Terminal to Ring Road, Aleshinloye, Eleiyele et al.

Not left out are Ojo Terminal, to Iwo road, Challenge bus terminals.

Also from Challenge Terminal to Molete, Bere, Yemetu, Secretariat, UI and Ojom

We are also available from Dugbe, Mokola to Moniya Train station to mention few.

Omituntun buses are currently plying Ibadan axis while our old buses can be sighted on inter – City routes. Isn’t it now obvious that the cut and join writer is an agent of darkness whose light has been dimmed by filthy lucre?

It has become the antics and frivolous pastime of the opposition to discredit the best government Oyo has ever had.

We are poised to deliver the dividends of democracy and no matter the negative propaganda of pessimists and political opponents, the Seyi Makinde administration and Pacesetters Transport Service are doing our possible best to reduce the stress of transportation and it is glaring to all well meaning citizens of Oyo State.

It is worthy to emphasize that Gov Seyi Makinde is subsidizing the transportation system and that despite the cost of diesel, the service has never increased the fare.

Imagine, N100 within Ibadan, is like paying nothing in today’s Nigeria, as we are all aware.

We must thank his Excellency for his magnanimous, heroic and purposeful leadership in his determination to serve his people and alleviate any form of suffering.

Dare Adeleke

Detractors should note that they cannot stop us. We have the people on our side, they are sorely pained by our success story and it shall continue to blindside them.


Dare Adeleke

Executive Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company


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