Dare Adeleke Defends Oyo Bus Terminals, says, opposition Archaic, Backward and Unprogressive

Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company boss, Dare Adeleke has described statements ascribed to Chief Adebayo Adelabu, Guber candidate of the Accord Party and Sen. Teslim Salami of the APC, as backward, archaic and terrifyingly unprogressive.

Adeleke who was speaking from Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, was referring to news credited to the APC governoship candidate, Salami’s inference that the Oyo State bus terminals will be converted into library and Adelabu’s counter that he would turn the terminals into hospitals.

Adeleke said: “When people stoop as low as making spurious, reckless, archaic, unprogressive political statements in their chase elusive political power, we know they are up to no good.”

According to Adeleke: “Oyo people must be thankful to God that these two jokers aren’t the only choice they have to make at the elections. Can you imagine those kind of retrogressive kindergarten brains as governor?… the thought alone is scary.

“All over the world, transportation is valued as premium by governments alongside other development goals. Without transport, movement will be zero, goods and services will be worthless and the world as we know it, will be static. This is simple economics.

Dare Adeleke

Continuing, Adeleke said the statements credited to the duo intend to downplay Governor Seyi Makinde’s immense developmental strides to other sectors in Oyo State.

“It is laughable that they have nothing else to campaign about but bus terminals. As a matter of fact, it’s pathetic.
The fact is, Seyi Makinde has transformed the health and education sectors in such a way that there is really nothing to say against him. The glaring truth is that among his promises at the inception of his government, His Excellency promised to transform Ibadan into a metropolitan city and one of the ways in building such a city is through effortless and comfortable transportation and he delivered that as he delivered on every other promise.” He pointed out.

Adeleke said because opposition is becoming hopeless and have no holes to pick or pinch they have become desperate; “Imagine those two representing, Accod Party and APC thinking like savages with cave men mentality. One saying he will turn bus terminals to library and another one, hospital. Can you imagine placing a hospital inside a very busy market or even a library on the highway? If this so called Teslim, had a credible library in his own home, he would know that transportation and the comfort of commuters is one of the most important sectors everywhere. However, I doubt he reads anything beyond senseless rubbish in those their rowdy WhatsApp groups where they exchange unintelligent ideas motor park touts will not even discuss”.

“I believe the people of Oyo have seen the kind of low characters who say they want to rule them. They have turned governance into Comedh central”, he noted.

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