Blackmailers On The Prowl: Groups Warns Mischief Makers To Leave Rev. Yakubu Pam The Executive Secretary Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission

This is to lend our voices to the broad and total condemnation of the dubious statement credited to an obscure and amouphous group identified as The Rights Action Against Corruption(CRAAC). The unregistered group in their bile pedestrian letters and statements alleged that Rev Yakubu Pam of Nigerian Christian Pligrim Commission has betrayed public trust by bankrolling through the back door to be handpicked as a correcting factor for the Muslim-Muslim ticket of a political party. Part of the spurious allegation was that the Reverand gentleman betrayed public trust. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The naked contraption posing as ‘The Rights Action Against Corruption is an outfit of blackmail against honest public office holders in the class of Rev Pam. They dish out inaccurate, dubious, fabricated outright lies, falsehood, defamatory and libelious statements against men of excellence and steadfast morality.

We have learnt that the faceless group earlier on approached the Rev Pam with a dubious request that was outrightly rejected by him. It is saddening and disheartening that the group is resorting to peddling mischief and falsehood against him because he turned down their ungodly demand.

The antecedent of groups like this one has always been that of falsehood and blackmail. The allegation against him is veiled in a machination of deceit. Their stock in trade is to throw dirts at selfless Government officials, public office holders no matter how rough and destructive the end may be.

It is however, unfortunate that the group rather than relying on facts, evidence and logic. They tragically process to embarrass Rev Pam without any shred of truth in the spurious allegation against him. It is clear that Rev Pam is a victim of high wired brinkmanship.

We must state that Rev Pam is a symbol of honesty and due diligence in our nation, there is no doubt honest people can testify on his innocence and the great job is doing at the Commission. His record of performance is a vindication against the baseless, defamatory, useless and misplaced allegation written against him in order to pull him down.

It is sad that similar allegation was made against a one time Chairman of the National Hajj Commission by another faceless group of political jobbers acting a script similar with this one being dished out against Rev Pam. We view their approach as mere strategy to maneouvre in such manner without consideration for the consequences of their dirty, unverifiable, unjustifiable, unsubstantiated, wicked plan and grossly dishonest act. When the allegation is weighed properly on scale of due process, the fact that falsehood purveyors are trying to gain advantage mischievously does not imply that decency and decorum should be thrown to the wind. It is sad that the desperate group are only out to tarnish his much respected and revered reputation to the mud.

Ordinarily, one would have ignored the distressed and jaundiced attempt to soil his respected name and reputation. But for the records and posterity we must not only rebuke them but work closely with relevant law enforcement agencies to go after them in earnest.

The characters blackmailing him are mere deviant and a symbol of decadence in society trying to divert attention from their failings.

We shall resist attempt by agents of darkness and deviants fabricating such lies and misinformation against him simply because they are in pains and sorrow and cannot reconcile themselves with the God anointed successes being witnessed under his leadership.

We shall avail relevant authorities the motive behind the allegation against Rev Pam in writing. The blackmailers are simply uncomfortable with his sterling performance in office. His score card speak loudly for him compared to others and so they craftily chose a diversionary option to rubbish his higher capacity for delivery. They are inventing panic scenario and making emphasis on mundane issues. The import is to distract and demoralize him from focusing on his sacred duties.

United Nigerians Forum
Malam Musa Abdullahi

Barnabas Bako
Rally For Northern Christians

Comrade Usman Farouk
Transparency Centre Network

Dr Obioma Ijewa
Coalition of Nigerians Against Corruption

Segun Samuel
Conscience Group

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