2023: Elections Will Not be Won Based on Lies Spread about a Candidate – Ize-Iyamu

Edo APC Chieftain and gubernatorial candidate in the last election, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has said that the security situation in the country may be scary but it is under control.

In an interview by the Sunnewsonline, the Edo political gladiator, emphasized that insecurity is not unique to Nigeria but the Nigerian situation is being effectively checked. He also spoke on other issues including President Muhammadu Buhari’s government and criticisms trailing it, advising Nigerians to stop de-marketing their country. He is also insistent that the APC is poised to win the next general elections as he says the process will not be influenced by lies.
On security Ize-Iyamu opines: “In fact, we have attempted to de-market our country rather than promoting it all in the name of politics. Nigeria has gone through challenges. The insecurity for example, anybody will tell you once terrorists have entered your country, to dislodge them, can’t be a matter of days. It is not a short term thing at all. When America went to Afghanistan, when they went to Iraq, all these were supposed to be a short term intervention, but they realized that it didn’t work because these are not a conventional army that you are dealing with. They are not people that are localized let’s say Warri for example, and you say let us go and attack them and capture Warri, by the time we capture Warri, it will be all over , that is not how they operate. In conventional war, you know where your opponent is located, you move against them and after a while, you have the final battle and somebody wins but when you are talking about terrorists, these are people who are everywhere and nowhere. They deliberately hide themselves among the populace, they spring out like a thief in the night when you are not expecting them and a lot of times, they choose what you call soft targets. They attack schools, market women, farms and of course some time you will say what about military formation, but when you attack them unexpectedly, it happens,  you ambush them. The army no matter how alert they are, can’t be alert 24 hours. There is a time to sleep, there is a time to relax and these people, they have mastered the act, of striking when you think there is no problem. All these things have escalated the tension. But Give and take, we know that they have not taken over any parts of the country. Anywhere you even hear they operate maybe in the villages, eventually the military drives them out. I believe that the security situation as frightening as it may appear, is still under control.

“Recently, the story we heard about Abuja you would have thought coming from where it came from, that bombs should begin to explode all over the place but nothing has happened. I want to give kudos to our security agencies even though we constantly vilify them, for keeping our capital safe and we pray to God that nothing will happen. But you see, some of these things can be very destabilizing when you just look at the country and say everybody start leaving now that nothing has happened; the question might be asked what is the basis for this kind of situation. We are not saying that such thing cannot happen anywhere in the world. It happens but sometimes, the way we talk about it is like we deliberately want the country to collapse. So, number one, I believe that, considering the circumstances we must admit that when this government came in, things were at ground zero. Yes, we can begin to cry; now is like when the children of Israel when they left Egypt, they cried about just because of some little suffering in the wilderness before they got to the promise land. Some of them began to say how I wished I would have gone back. Yes, some people want to go back

Ize-Iyamu speaking on Buhari’s performance says Buhari has achieved a lot that aren’t being reported: “I think Muhammadu Buhari, the president is not as bad as people have tried to portray him. I listened to one of his interviews when he went to Imo and he had to practically become his own image maker when he began to reel out the achievements of his administration. What he said could not be contradicted. It was very impressive. Because there are many people including very educated Nigerians who will tell you that the man has done nothing and yet, this man could reel out so many landmark projects all over the country. And he was talking about the place where the cry of marginalization is very strong, the South East and he could point to a lot of landmark legacy projects which his
administration has done.

So, number one, I really don’t believe that the president has been as bad as people try to make out. In trying to assess the performance of a leader or a political party, you can’t turn your eyes from the situation that was on ground before he came on board. Whether we believe it or not, the world has been going through very serious economic recession. I know that years ago, everybody tried to ridicule us with the progress in Ghana but today we have also seen that all that glitters is not gold. Britain had to sack a prime minister because of a very disastrous economic policy that she enacted within a short period. Yes, Nigeria has gone through turbulent times but has Nigeria collapsed? Contrary to the opinion of many of the critiques of our government, you will think that by now, this country would have totally collapsed.

On the next election, Ize-Iyamu believes the APC is a clear winner: For the first time, we are looking at a situation where we have more than just two choices and the number of those who have registered is beyond what the political parties’ leadership will say they coordinated. Because usually before, we are the ones who coordinate voters’ registration. So, many of those who go and register, we can beat our chest and say that we encouraged them to go and register and so we are sure of their loyalty but this time, there are many persons who went to register without even our knowledge. It means that we have a lot and so we are sure of their loyalty but this time, there are many persons who went to register without even our knowledge. It means that we have a lot of work to do, trying to talk to these people who went to register on their own who we cannot with all sincerity say that we control.

At the end of the day, the character of the candidates, their programme, their track record, all these things are going to have a major say and influence in the forthcoming elections but I am a member of the APC and I am confident that even with this new development, our party still remains the best option for Nigeria in terms of national spread, in terms of track record and more importantly, the experience and even promise of our candidate. Yes, there has been a lot of propaganda on social media but that is to be expected. I also think that as the campaign intensifies, people will begin to separate propaganda from facts. This election will not be won on the basis of lies, how many lies you are able to say. Just as you have access to the social media to spin all sorts of lies, people also have access to.

to social media to correct those lies. These lies could boomerang because when people realize that you have been consistent in lying about a particular candidate, either you bring a lot of sympathy for such a person or there will also be anger against your own candidate for championing this kind of very unbecoming attitude.

So, at the end of the day, how the parties campaign, the quality of their candidates, what they want to offer and the strength of their political parties, will all play a significant roles. It’s going to be quite interesting

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