PDP G5 Governors and Heavy silence of Party leaders – By Dare Adeleke

As a foundation member of our great party, my concern about happenings in the PDP, has grown to peak.

It is with a very weighty heart that I am forced to write this afternoon. Our great party, the PDP cannot continue like this. We cannot continue to fold our hands and pretend all is well, when in fact some aggravations amongst members have still not been effectively addressed.

We cannot pretend that lingering bitterness and disaffection within, may not affect the chances of our presidential flagbearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

We cannot wish away Nyesom Wike and watch him vituperate in public without taking as emergency, a proper and final move for unity, now that the elections are very near.

As I beg our party leaders to urgently address this issue and consider the southern governors, aka G5’s call for the removal of Ayu, I would like them to also re-visit Gov Wike’s grievance.

Governor Wike’s demand must be thoroughly addressed and urgently too.

Wike, has declared that he will not leave the PDP, and I must commend him for that because we know how much he sacrificed for the party in return but he must remember that a man cannot used his own hands to destroy his father’s house just because he is angry.

If I may respectfully remind Gov. Wike, he may likely be Nigeria’s luckiest Governor. He has served from the grassroots as Local govt Chairman to Chief of Staff, Minister and now two term Governor.

Governor Wike should remember how many times man sins against God and how many times God forgives us.

At this rate, if Wike continues with his open face enmity with his own party, and the leaders continue to play a deaf ear, I’m afraid the PDP may loose the National Assembly and even the presidency.

There is no doubt that we are all against the dominance of the northern bloc in our structure but what can we do if the man refuses to step down?

It is high time to move on and close the gap.

G5 Governors

Wike and his supporters should remember that they have already fulfilled their dreams and may never beg for their aspirations or existence again but what about less fortunate party members?

I therefore implore our party faithfuls to do everything within their power and do everything possible to bring the party back to the space of victory, for H. E. Atiku Abubakar.

Dare Adeleke


Dare Adeleke

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